Saturday, 6 June 2015


I want to apologize to all my loved ones..... I know it has been long since you heard from me.I promise to be of good behavior henceforth.My condolence to the families that lost their loved ones in the recent flood and fuel explosion in Accra. Well well life has not been so smooth. But guess what I haven't been sleeping at all. A lot has been up with Akuyea and i want to let you into my world of discoveries. So after all the stuff in Senior high school and been busy here and there to build my self confidence, I did get the opportunity to be enrolled in Ghana's premiere University,The University of Ghana.Majored in Social work. I remember on the day of admission into the University one advice I would never forget was the fact that i should not just pass through the school but rather give the school the opportunity to pass through me. OK I guess i tried. First year and Second I was part of the team that represented the whole of the University in Nigeria to Debate with students from University of Ibadan. Your guess is as good as mine the outcome we beat them on both occasions taking the first position and winning the coveted award.On their return competition here in Ghana they beat us though. But that was a long time ago. Debating was  fun at the tertiary level but I left midway to pursue other stuff. Volunteered with campus radio for a while Radio univers, Internships at Ipas Ghana and in final year I competed and won the presidency of my department the Social work department. The first time a lady had occupied that position. Was a great challenge to me as everyone was looking out for the best in me. My team was great. Built a couple of networks and started the Noyawa movement on campus...A movement to educate young people on Issues  regarding  Sexual and reproductive health.
The   Noyawa movement here on campus was intense did a lot of public addresses,educated my peers on their sexuality and a lot of radio programs. This caught the admiration of the students populace and with a team of sixty peer educators we were awarded the best society that had made an impact in the University community in an annual SRC awards event..... Hardwork indeed pays. I'm now out of school and hoping to use the knowledge gained in my four year of study to impact lives of young girls most importantly. Ok so to my social life......Hmmmmmm not very much to say but I did make some decisions that didn't help me. My heart is broken and I am deeply in love with the very individual who introduced me to blogging.I know he wont be happy I put this out here.  To all Ladies out there this is my simple advice to you never get overwhelmed with the pressures that come from the guys at the University and others you may end up been hurt. Will use this quote from a friend.... Simply starve your distractions and feed your focus.Enough talk for the day. hope to tell you more about my other discoveries .....da NEW GHANAIAN WOMAN IS BACK

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